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Currently my practice is an exploration of the concept of 'nonduality'. In the Western philosophical traditions, nonduality relates to the mind-body or subject-object issue. Nondualism primarily refers to a mature state of consciousness, in which the dichotomy of ‘I’ and the ‘other’ is "transcended". In the Eastern traditions (Advaita Vedanta, Buddhist philosophy and Sufism in Islam), nondualism is similar to the 'spiritual experience', or 'experience of oneness'. Non-duality means "not two" or "one undivided without a second". It is the human experience of oneness with all things; a sense of connection to and identity with the entire universe.

Our appreciation of an artwork is neither subjective nor objective, and neither belongs to the artwork nor to the one who experiences it. Aesthetic objects are contemplated as an object of sensory pleasure and also hold significance and value. Thus an aesthetic experience is both nondual, because it is nonintentional, and cognitive. Often it becomes difficult to distinguish between aesthetic and spiritual.

My art practice borders between planned and spontaneous. I work with mixed media engaging with various materials, textures, objects, video, text and unfinished artworks. The work produced through this engagement is in the form of drawings, paintings, notes, art objects, video, by-products of the process, etc. assembled, juxtaposed and curated. I endeavour to rework and bring to the fore unnoticed/overlooked things, transform old work with new elements, using my immediate surroundings and day-to-day life as a source. The ideas for my practice come from research on experiences of migration, citizenship and spirituality.


2020 BA in Contemporary Art Practices, GMIT, Ireland
2014 PhD (Health Promotion) - National University of Ireland, Galway
2009 MA (Health Promotion) - National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland 

2020 Re-Root, Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin, Ireland
2018 Lost and Found – Video ‘Humans are made in homes’, Galway Arts Centre, Ireland
2018 Beyond – 11th Annual Members’ show, 126 Artist-run-Gallery, Galway, Ireland
2018 K-FEST Group Exhibition, Killorglin, Ireland
2017 B D G R L (Bad Girl) Group exhibition 126 Artist-run-Gallery, Galway, Ireland
2016 Metamorphosis Group exhibition 126 Artist-run-Gallery, Galway, Ireland

2017 Assessment of art organisations for future placement opportunities for Galway Technical Institute art students in Helsinki region in Finland (3 weeks)
2016 Our Vision for the Future of Health Promotion - a Photo Voices project for the MA Health Promotion students, Health Promotion Conference at NUI Galway, Ireland
2016 Proposal for medical students to design and create a mural based on Determinants of Health model,NUI Galway, Ireland


2020 Inaugural Mary Lavelle Burke Bursary award


2021 - (forthcoming) Heinrich Boll Cottage Artist’s Residency.
2015 - 2016 - Resident studio tenant 126 Artist-run-Gallery, Galway, Ireland