I am a visual artist based in Galway, Ireland. My work is exploratory and borders between planned and spontaneous. I work with mixed media engaging with various materials, textures, found objects and unfinished artworks. The work produced through this engagement is in the form of ‘art objects’, drawings, paintings, notes, etc. assembled, juxtaposed and curated. I endeavor to rework and bring to the fore unnoticed/overlooked things, transform old work with new elements, using my immediate surroundings and day-to-day life as a source. I also recycle discarded paintings and studio debris into work.


2018 – ongoing: BA Contemporary Art Practice, GMIT Mayo, Ireland

2017 Drawing and Visual Inquiry – Galway Technical Institute

2011 – 2014  PhD in Health Promotion -National University of Ireland, Galway         

2008  MA Health Promotion – National University of Ireland, Galway